Metroblogging Istanbul


"Breaking in a new Moleskine Diary, smacks of the Sacred. If there was ever
a time to inaugurate one, this was it, west bound from Istanbul on the famed
rails of the Orient Express toward exotic destinations. For some distance we
would share these historic rails with the likes of Inspector Poirot and Agatha
Christie, before skewing south towards Thessaloniki. I cracked open the smooth
black cover of my pocket size journal and put pen to paper…

This particular journey was not on "The" Orient Express itself, but
rather the Dostluk Filia, an overnighter run to Greece. We had booked two
sleeping compartments and we’re looking forward to being caressed to somnolence
as we journeyed across western Turkey and into Greece. We were comfortably
settled in as we made our way out of Istanbul and into the setting sun…."

Stan Steward
Metroblogging Istanbul

2 thoughts on “Metroblogging Istanbul

  1. I’m so glad there’s someone else out there who finds soiling a brand new Molie as difficult as I do. I have an unopened pocket Molskine sitting on my desk at home. Every so often I take it in my hand and carress it, dreading the day I’m going to have to peel of the cello and violate the virgin pages.
    In constrast, however, I really like the look and feel of a used Moleskine – creased and out of shape pages, buldging against the elastic closure when shut.

  2. I have two in reserve that I found at a little book shop on the Asian side of Istanbul. It amazed me that here I am tucked away in the corner of Asia and I stumbled across a little shop on a street that is 2000 years old, and, on the shelf, covered in dust, are a gross of Moleskines.

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