Moleskine/Franklin wallet/Planner


"I finally got my planner today, and at Office Depot I happened to find this
beautiful cover for it from Franklin Covey. It already had a planner in it, but
I’m not a fan of franklin covey’s planning material, just the design of their

The clasp just flaps closed and holds with an embedded magnet,
which is awesome because my big pet peeve with planners like this one is always
trying to find the tiny snap or magnet snap closure in a hurry.

Now, I
could just keep my moleskine planner as-is, but i’m girl, so i like to have
something pretty, and being able to carry credit cards, id and money WITH my
moleskine is just a sweet bonus. This FC cover was $16.99 at Office Depot, so
not too much really for what you can get if you’re creative with it."

Natalie Jost
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5 Responses to Moleskine/Franklin wallet/Planner

  1. Nice “mash-up”. 😉

  2. Shanon says:

    I love it! I just might have to get one myself. I’m a total geek when it comes to organizing things.

  3. CRuss says:

    I’d love to find something like this sized for the pocket moleskine. Does anyone have a pocket “cover” that they use?

  4. Just what I’ve been looking for…though I’d prefer a non-leather one. Tough to find a nice padfolio for my planner!

  5. Penny Johnson says:

    I notice you got the wallet/planner in 2006. Where can we find one now. I am addicted to planners and am always looking for a different one. Now I want the one like this.

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