Moleskine Blotter


"One of the 1st things I figured out
about moleskines, is that things don’t dry quickly. So I cut up a large piece of
blotter paper to moleskine size. then clipped the corners with a $5 corner
rounder. I slide it under something i am working on. And when I can’t wait for
something to dry, I slip one on top and can still close the book."

J. Godsey
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2 thoughts on “Moleskine Blotter

  1. I do the same thing except i went the cheaper route: a piece of printer/copier paper which i folded and ripped down to the right size. Works for me; but i do like the idea of the corner cutter…

  2. I do the same too ! But I use pink blotting paper, the one I used in elementary school, when we learn to write with a fountain pen: I cut the paper the size of a small Moleskine notbook ^^

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