Moleskine: How to revive a brand


"Modo & Modo, the Italian company that owns Moleskine notebooks was
sold on Friday to a French company for 60 million Euros…

I mention this because the sale closes an interesting chapter in the
history of Moleskine; a chapter about redemption, of how a brand that was once
considered dead was given new life by a 13-person company that focused on the
notebook’s magical past and the evangelism of its current fans.

That evangelism was codified through a global marketing push loosely
organized by a group of Moleskine citizen marketer-bloggers who are scattered
around the world…"

Moleskine: How to revive a brand
By Ben McConnell
Church of the Customer Blog

Image: ABF

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to Moleskine: How to revive a brand

  1. Harold says:

    Interesting feature over at the COC blog. I’ve been doing the product evangelism thing for several years without thinking much about it but it does shed new light on how brand loyalty can be started at the grass roots level. I hope the new owenrs will understand their users and respond accordingly. From the Comments: I had not heard of Moleskines coming apart at the binding. I’ve sat on mine, thrown them in the backpack and never a problem.

  2. I’me really curious to see where this takes the brand. Will the noew owners be more competent or less? More interested in gaining market share, or less? What are their plans for product quality and pricing?

    Many more questions.


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