Moleskine Notebooks and Other Neuroses

Zsv"Let me take this time to introduce you to my unnatural fascination with
Moleskine notebooks. I love Moleskine notebooks with such a passion, it spills
uncontrollably into my artistic consciousness. I love everything about them,
from the placeholder ribbon to the smell of the paper; indeed it’s very bizarre.
And to be absolutely forthright, I have an impulse to purchase the notebooks
every time I step foot in a Borders or Barnes and Noble. Just like in the movie
Conspiracy Theory, where Mel Gibson has to buy a copy of The Catcher in the Rye
every time he steps foot in a bookstore. My love for these notebooks is
borderline neurotic and close to psychotic. The odd thing is, I’m not a
materialistic person by nature. It just so happens that I’m very careful about
where I put my money and how I make purchases. But if you throw a Moleskine
notebook in front of me, I’ll salivate at the mouth like a ravenous

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Nbk48_1– Benjamin Franklin’s Goals
– Blank Page # 002
– Tiny Antique Bone Swivel Notebook
Today on Notebookism

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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