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"The leaflet
is from a set of three extra large cahiers (the larger than normal large
moleskine size) bought in Pod, a shop in Clifton, Bristol, which sells lots of
little decorative things for house & garden, e.g. candle holders, photo
frames, espresso cups and so on. They have an extensive moleskine section,
probably covering all types (including the new watercolour sketchbook), unlike
the Waterstones which only stock pocket & ruled, and Harold Hockey, at the
top of Whiteladies, which has more of the artists style. Pod is often the most
expensive though, as with most things it has the Clifton markup.

shouldn’t share my secret (!), but Harold Hockey tend to have older stock, so if
you’re looking for cheap and old moleskines that would be the place to try in
Bristol. They even have some pre-writing campaign, with the older-style labels.

Should we be saying again, le vrai moleskine n’est plus? I hope

Nathalie D.

3 thoughts on “Moleskine QC Leaflet

  1. Am I the only person who finds the “every notebook is handmade” thing tacky, giving that they say “Made in China” on the back of the paper strip?

  2. Long time Moleskine user and (this blog)lurker here.

    Janine – Are you trying to agitate people against this brand? Show us your damaged/inferior Chinese Moleskine in your own website. What evidence have you against slave labor, etcetera? I, with other regulars of this website are starting to smell something fishy here. Are you aware that trolling is now illegal? Check this out:

    This will be all for now. WE will be watching closely.

  3. Fellow Moleskine users and friends:

    First of all thanks for your recent spirited discussions here on Moleskinerie and in our communities at GoogleGroups and FLICKR among others. This shows how concerned we are for the quality and ethics of this brand. Rest assured all these have not fallen on deaf ears. Kikkerland Design, US distributor for Moleskine is making sure these issues are relayed to the concerned company. They have also requested those of us with defective products to get in touch with them.

    In our sincere efforts to help out/ventilate our sentiments let us remember to keep this discourse civil, direct to the point and constructive.

    I began this personal website as a place to gather for those of us who share diverse interests in the arts and culture. Efforts to turn this blog into something negative was not my intention and when, as I always warned, running is no longer fun I will quit.

    Peace. Paix. Paz.

    [This post is now closed for comments. All concerned are advised to communicate directly via contact info provided. ]

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