Moleskines Made In China?


"I noticed a significant decrease in the quality of the last Moleskine
notebook I purchased. I looked at the tag and it said "Bound and
Printed In China" "Designed and Packaged in Italy."

I was kind of shocked to see that Modo is now manufacturing over there.
I sent two email inquiries to them, but got no response. I also called
Moleskine US and they did not have any information.

I’d like to know, is this a permanent change? If so I need to start
stashing away the older ones. I think it’s really abysmal to let the
quality of such a good product slip, and also for them to trade on the
"European" tradition for something that is now being commoditized and
for all we know, made in some sweatshop.

Has anyone else had this experience?
Does anyone else have any info they can share?"

SF Writer @ Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups
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