My passion is (go figure!) the moleskine notebook

Remember Eric Allam’s "Show Your Passion" contest last week? Here’s the winner…


"My passion is (go figure!) the moleskine notebook. It’s the place
where all my other passions find a collective home. A few months ago, I
sat down and wrote this, during a reflection on the moleskine. I think
it pretty much says it all.

Hello little book. You are new. And empty. And powerful. You are a
dream yet to be revealed. An adventure yet to be had. You are a friend
yet to be made. A kiss yet to be tasted. You are a world undiscovered,
waiting to be explored. You are a story. A memory. A hope. A wish. An
observation. You are a life. You are my life. Waiting to unfold between
the quiet, cream pages. You don’t speak yet. But in time. You are my
life. You are my Moleskine."

– Amy

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