Memorial: A Novel

In his most profound and accomplished book to date, acclaimed author Bruce Wagner breaks from Hollywood culture with a novel of exceptional literary dimension and searing emotional depth. Joan Herlihy is a semi-successful architect grasping at the illustrious commission that... Read More


I am as Luddite

"I admit it; I’ve been on personal computers since 1979 (my first, a TRS-80, my latest a Mac Intel Mini), and on Palms since 1999 (my first a IIIxe, my latest a Treo 650). I live and breathe the internet,... Read More


Moleskine/Franklin wallet/Planner

"I finally got my planner today, and at Office Depot I happened to find this beautiful cover for it from Franklin Covey. It already had a planner in it, but I’m not a fan of franklin covey’s planning material, just... Read More


Hommage to Moleskine

Ah! summer, with all its glorious sunshine and outdoor activities. Alas! Its also a time prone to losing our beloved notebooks. Here are two examples we recently found online and how their owners coped: my unique notebookalways dispo, faithful, devoted... Read More


Featured Artist: Joanna Walsh

"I always use a Moleskine for sketching pieces for my illustrated blog although my final drawings are done on Adobe Illustrator. You might notice that, on my blog’s self-portrait, I’m carrying a small Moleskine sketchbook. I particularly like this version,... Read More


Moleskine’s Timeless Design

Our friend in Vienna, JC alerted us to this feature on the September’06 issue of the Men’s Journal: "Hemingway’s Blackberry" A notebook may seem too basic to be iconic; yet the Moleskine’s combination of hefty cardboard covers, long-lasting acid-free paper... Read More


Just me and my words

"There has been a lot of talk (and some noice) recently about the purchase of Modo e Modo by a French company, by production in China, by possible declining quality. I admit that I have stockpiled some of the older... Read More


I Am An Artist

"I think I would love to be an artist.""No, no you’re not artist material.""Well, that may be, but I would like to be one anyway.""You can’t be an artist, for a number of reasons: You can’t support yourself and be... Read More


Moleskine and Cyclists

"Two people who really understand my journey gave me presents. Sophie, a fantastic artist who is also writing a book titled "My Husband and Fifty Camels" gave me a Moleskine diary to elevate me into the hallowed company of travel... Read More