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"When you begin to use GTD you will find it enables you to improve your organization skills. To stop there would be a slight, it is more about changing your reliance on your brain and others (Those folk who have … Continue reading

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Поздравляю Ирина!

It looks like our friend Irina Troitskaya is featured in an art website in Russia: Поздравляю! LINK Irina was previously mentioned on Moleskinerie here.

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Check In Line at Graz Flughafen

The terror scare in the UK just happened two days before and as a result, all new security precautions rippled everywhere down to Europe’s smaller airports. Some flight cancellations also had everyone scampering for new schedules and rebookings. I tried … Continue reading

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Performance anxiety

"I have the hardest time getting started; I’m so worried that my journalling is going to be bad, or somehow unacceptable. I’ll look at the blank pages, close the cover, open it to look again, close it, and on and … Continue reading

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What Good Are the Arts?

"John Carey is a former Oxford professor of English who left academe to become the chief book reviewer for the Sunday Times of London. Now even for public intellectuals, this isn’t a typical career move. Carey’s biographical note further indicates … Continue reading

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Things I Could Not Fly Without

"THERE IS NO WAY I would consider flying across an ocean without a pen, a Moleskine journal, a thread sown notebook, an iPod, a ballpoint pen and a Nokia Communicator. And there’s no way I’d toss those items into a … Continue reading

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Show your Passion and (possibly) win a Moleskine

"I have been lacking a little passion in my life lately, so to make up for it, I want to hear everyone else’s passion. That is why I am holding The Passion Contest. Entering is easy, just leave a comment, … Continue reading

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Cool Cat at the Jardin Botanico

"Feral cat with my moleskine in the Jardin Botanico in Buenos Aires" By SharonNYC @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved. Used with permission. ————————————————————-–  Gigantic Journal –  Blank Page # 004 – Letters ‘key to a woman’s heart‘ Today on Notebookism … Continue reading

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What Makes a Story

What makes a story is —   you want to ‘find out what happens next’ — this bit of the story leads you to the next one.   Like running, when you have to put the left foot down ahead … Continue reading

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Dear Moleskine Product Developers

"I enjoy your product very much and appreciate the fine stitching, the classic design, the practical pocket (nice touch!) and the acid-free pages. I carry one of your 5.5 x 3.5 models in all my travels. I wonder whether you’d … Continue reading

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