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Once again the eternal question is asked:

Amf_3"MoleskineFilter: Can anyone recommend a non-gel ink, commercially available pen to use with my pocket Moleskine?

before you snark, I did run a search. Previous answers mostly involved artsy-indie fountain type pens, gel pens, or specialty items I’d have to order on Ebay/Amazon then wait a week or so to receive.

I really just want to go to Target or the local art supply tonight and buy something affordable that works, plus I’d like to buy a couple to keep backups around for if when I lose the original.

Black ink, medium to medium fine point works best. Nothing fancy, just a smooth writing pen with non-smudgy, non-gloopy ink that doesn’t skip. Does such a thing exist…?"

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  1. Why must people doubt the wonder of the $4 Parker Jotter, widely available at supermarkets, office supply places, and Wallgreens’s? Refillable (with gel, if you like), durable, and stylish.

  2. There is a version of the Fisher Space Pen (the one NASA designed for astronauts in space) that is roughly the width of the pocket moleskine and fits nicely (with the clip) under the elastic band at the top or bottom edge of the notebook. You can pick one up for about $15 at basically any office supply store.

  3. Fisher SpacePens. I le mine. While it’s a little pricey at first, the in lasts for a long time, in 8 months of use I’ve replaced the fill once. I hated it at first but I love it now.

    I concur with the Parker Jotter comment above as well.

    I also like the Zebra pen as well, widely available,attractive and cheap.

  4. I’m using a cheap Zebra F-301 fine tip blue ballpoint with my Moleskine. I like the control over width of line with a gel or fountain pen, but the ballpoint doesn’t bleed and allows me to write more in the space allowed by my pocket Moleskine. I’ve also had pretty good luck with the Pilot Better Ballpoint line.

  5. the Jotter? I have one that was my grandmothers. I’ll have to try it. Especially if I can find a fine-tipped refill. The other pens I typicaly use are Zebras. Write well. Easily to find refills. My preference generally is the M-605.

  6. Hi,

    I got a set of 4 mini pens – Pentel Mini RSVP – black ink – medium point which are great. They even have a keyring on their cap so you can attach it (albeit, a bit clumsy) to the elastic on the journal. Good luck!

  7. Caran d’Ache 849 is a good pocket-diarist tool. It’s strong and sturdy, and elegant and comfy, with a very good ink and a large autonomy (Goliath cartridge).
    It’s not too cheap so you can use it even with $x00 pen on the side without shame, and it’s not too expensive so you can buy some, and lost them without remorse.
    I like my Caran d’Ache.

  8. I’ve recently found what I think may be my favorite pen ever and I just spent two weeks with it writing in my vacation journal. It’s a Uniball Signo bit (0.7)–it’s smooth and dries well. Found it at Staples, comes in maybe 8 colors. $1.99 each or cheaper in a set of all colors! Anyone else know about or like these??

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