Small Noises


I started drawing these daily autobiographical comics because I wanted
to get back into the sequential art medium but needed a kind of warm up
to re-educate myself. By doing one a day, none of them have to be too
precious or over-labored, and I’m free to experiment with different
panel layouts, "camera angles" and storytelling techniques. The great
thing about autobiographical comics is that because the story has
already happened, you are freed as a writer to focus on those other
aspects of communicating an idea, and I think its this process that
becomes more imortant than the actual narrative in the end. And, like
any artist, I think its a fun challenge to try and communicate whats
going on in my head on any given day, even if it may not be too
profound or important. The little moments are the ones we have most in
common sometimes. I’ve been working on some other comics that aren’t
about me (which is a lot harder to do!) but the dailies are becoming a
welcome routine by now and I’m going to keep it up for as long as I

Putting these in a Moleskine was pretty instictual because
I’ve been addicted to them for years. It made sense that if this was
going to be a "comics journal" that it should take the same form as all
my other journals have. I love that feeling of going through an old
diary or sketchbook and remembering what was going on in my world at
the time I wrote or drew something, and I wanted these comics to share
that quality. I also chose the Moleskine for these because I wanted
these comics to be something I could work on anywhere, and these are
the only sketchbook I’ve found so far that can stand up to being
carried around every day in my bag. My only problem now is that I chose
the smallest Moleskine to put these in, and as the comics have been
evolving and getting longer, its harder to draw them in those little
pages. In a few weeks when this one is finished, I’m switching to a
larger size!

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