So which artist am I ?


In the end, I still cannot disentangle both art forms. If fifteen years
ago I might have been really partial to the literature side (even a bit
dogmatically dismissing visual arts as a lesser form of expression), my
late re-discovery of painting and photography has now reinforced my
initial belief: written art is not an endangered species!

Something else changed since my high school essay: Internet became part
of our lives. Its adoption by the masses put back personal expression
on the front scene. This expression is organic, prolific and protean:
text, pictures, music. What a dull website if little or no
illustration! What a confusing one if there’s no story/substance
behind! Take Flickr for example: a simple solution to share pictures
with the option of adding stories, tags, interaction without much pain.

So here I stand today, two-faced: a side deeply fond of the act of
writing (and even more with an actual pen and paper); another one
experiencing and enjoying more and more the visual universe! Words or
Images? Like a spoiled child, I don’t want to choose: let me have WORDS AND IMAGES!

Doozle @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
Read the entire essay at UTATA Speaks

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Nbk48_1– Fire Star Arts
– Blank Page # 003
— Notebook Pr0n  at Wizard World
– Putting it down on Paper
Today on Notebookism

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3 Responses to So which artist am I ?

  1. rich says:

    thanks for giving me a new found obession.

    moleskines are so great for everything i do …work…home…planning…art…


  2. Jim smith says:

    This is a deep question that I am still trying to answer myself.

    ———————- – have real artists make your canvas – play games online

  3. You might be an artist of all type of arts since you are versatile. It’s cool, I think.

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