"The notebook got this way basically through being in my pocket
or briefcase every day for last three or four months. 

Temporarily patched with some electrical tape, I just decided to let it breathe on its
own again. 

A few days ago, the front cover actually fell off.
Luckily there are only
a couple of blank pages remaining.  I’ll be picking up a new one at the shop
later this week."

Alan Lankin @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR

© All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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5 Responses to Spineless

  1. Mike says:

    This happened with my pocket Moleskine as well. I had to retire it about 4 pages early because the tape wasn’t quite holding it together.

    Perhaps the French will give us better quality. 🙂

  2. prerona says:

    i loved this site. may i link to it from my blog? actually i already did … so I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping u wont mind 🙂

  3. Oh the humanity! 😉

  4. Charles Hollingshead says:

    I found a quick fix for a battered spine in the form of some black athletic tape. It is cloth tape and it looks pretty good on the Moleskine actually. At least better than a ratty spine 🙂

  5. Billy says:

    I’m torn between an obsession for Moleskines in pristine condition, and the lovely way a heavily used Moleskine looks and feels. I kind of want the best of both – nice and used, but still in good condition.

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