The Notebooks of Joshua Berman


"Yes, I filled many-a-Mole during this last year of travel, pouring ink on
pages, stuffing its "expandable inner pocket made of cardboard and cloth" with
soggy rupee notes, Thai baht and East African shillings; or with heart-shaped
Bodhi leaves from sacred sites; or African postage stamps; Indian to-do lists
from our three months in Birpara.


From the front of my notebooks, I scribble scene descriptions, overheard
dialogue, and idea dumps for blog entries, stories, etc. From the other end, I
work backward, coating pages with phone numbers, hotel addresses, calculations,
and local language greetings. When the two ends meet, the book full, I store it
and immediately crack open a freshie.

At the end of our trek in Pakistan, I asked our guide, Karim, to draw a map
of the route we’d just completed…"

Joshua Berman
Freelance Writer, Photographer, & Trip Leader
Visit his blog, "The Tranquilo Traveler"

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