Waste Books


"Yesterday, the ever-resourceful wood s lot collected online items on the Italian notebook phenomenon that is Moleskine.

I happen to have one, with its oilcloth-bound cover and thread-bound
pages. (They also have an elastic band to hold it shut, a bookmark
tassle, and an expandable inner note holder made of cardboard). It’s a
lovely object to own and use. It stimulates

One daydreams of it pristine and empty, and then covered in one’s
own uniform black handwriting; the result of innumerable moments of
distance from the world: in a café, on a train, on a lunchbreak from
work, looking out to sea. All this, one continues to imagine, might one
day form into a whole, a collection of notebooks on a shelf even;
something, perhaps, that will become the fertile ground for these
daydreams to form into a coherent work; that is, a book.

And so, in that daydream, another daydream. And so on, perhaps.

If not a book, then perhaps the new notebook will redeem the mess of
previous notebooks, all in a different formats, some incomplete, with
pages still waiting, or falling to bits…."

Stephen Mitchelmore
Visit his blog, "In Writing"

Image: "Moleskine doodle"
By Sao @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
© All rights reserved. Used with permission

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