Who Are You People?

I’m not sure if the author mentions notebook people in this publication.

You know those people who get passionately,
fanatically, obsessively into things? People like doll collectors or
Star Wars fans or that lady down the street with gnomes all over her
yard? Award-winning journalist Shari Caudron noticed them too and she
was, well, jealous. Not having such a passion herself, she wondered:
who are you people?

"Seeking an answer, she set out on a
cross-country journey to learn what passionate fanatics had that she
didn’t. Could she tap her own wellspring of enthusiasm by studying the
enthusiasms of others?

Caudron’s quest took her, among other places,
to a pigeon race in the Bronx, storm chasing in Kansas, ice fishing in
the Rockies, and to Mayberry Days, an annual celebration of the
decades-old Andy Griffith Show where she met a woman who watched  40
reruns a week in her effort to retain her title as the Mayberry Trivia

Part armchair travel, part cultural study and
part personal journey, Who Are You People? will put to rest many of the
misconceptions people have about the fanatics around them. Better yet,
the book will have readers celebrating the quirky diversity of their
fellow Americans."

"Who Are You People?"
By Shari Caudron

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