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Green Tea After 6pm…

I am grateful for the chance to witness a moment when the universe stops to take a breath and admire itself. "Green Tea After 6pm…"By Pumpkinoodle @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR © All rights reserved. Used with permission. Discover and join our Moleskine … Continue reading

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Man Who Go On Big Train Have Big Idea

"Just thought I’d give you the heads up on this ad for Virgin Trains:Apparently the Apache dig the Moleskine too! ;-)" Cheers,Carina View the ad on Virgin Trains

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The Value of Journaling

"Writing stimulates creativity. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I’ll come up with a silly sentence and write it in my journal. If I let myself relax, I can often elaborate on that sentence for a few paragraphs. It clears my … Continue reading

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“My Favorite Moleskine” Exhibit

In collaboration with, city’super, LOG-ON and, this great "My Favorite Moleskine" exhibition was held from 6th Sep 2006 to 12th October 2006. The first exhibition collecting around 40 artists/writers/illustrators’ works from all over the world is shown in … Continue reading

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Ohto Tasche Fountain Pen

"I have recently fallen in love with the Ohto Tasche fountain pen on, but I am slightly worried about getting it and then having the ink bleed on my Moleskine pages.  I currently use a volant for scribbled notes, … Continue reading

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Sighting : Alexander the Great: Murder Unsolved

There is a repeat of a show on the Discovery Times Channel airing over the next few days that features a moleskine sketchbook throughout. The show is a documentary investigation about Alexander the Great’s death. An investigator from Scotland Yard … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the Vanishing World

50 acres of tropical rainforest are said to be disappearing every minute. Millions of species of animals and plants around the world are going extinct at an ever-accelerating rate, many of them before they can even be identified or their … Continue reading

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Living Away from Home

"I do a fair bit of traveling for my job. After my first several business trips, I discovered that when I am on the road it is important to treat myself well. A night spent alone in a nice hotel, … Continue reading

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The History of White House Doodles

"President Kennedy scribbled "Vietnam" over and over, drawing a box around the word each time.   President Eisenhower sketched a picture of himself looking larger than life, bare-chested, and with a head full of hair.   President Reagan doodled smiling … Continue reading

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Sighting : Studio 60

Got multiple calls/emails on this one: "I picked that up, too.  My wife and I were watching it last night, and I said, "I think that’s a Moleskine!"  A TiVo click back to rewind and my suspicions were confirmed by … Continue reading

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