A note is a reminder…


A note is a reminder. It can remind you of things long forgotten, it
can capture moments of your memory, it can preserve feelings.

Our minds are made this way. Our memory works like this.

We generally tend to forget the bad moments of our life, the evil
feelings we had. The sadness and the sorrow, the pity we feel for
others – or for ourselves.

Our brain stores information in a form of networked way. Our feelings,
thoughts and experiences are stored in some kind of network-pattern.

When we forget, and we will, we lose the connection to that specific pattern of that exact moment we just forgot.

A note. A note is a connection to such a pattern. Reading a note
activates a pattern in your brain. This pattern has a lot of
similarities with the memory-pattern you’ve already have – or have lost.

It provides a hook, an entry point, a refreshment of that pattern. It
allows you to remember your own feelings from that time, revive your
own experiences in your head and alas, you can recall everything.

Now this pattern thing is the key part. Scientist don’t really know
yet, what it’s up to. Some of those patterns are lost forever when they
are forgotten, others are like burnt into your brain cells and you’ll
never ever really forget them – only that important hook that allows
you to recall that very special moment.

So, if you encounter something special, take some time and spend a
moment to take a note. Once, in a while, you might be glad you then
invested a couple of minutes to take a note, providing a hook to a
mind-blowing trip to the past. Enjoy it!

Basel, Switzerland
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