Cameron Reilly : moving to the moleskine

"Over the last couple of years I’ve been extremely rude to friends like
Jeremy Wagstaff and Marc Orchant (to name only two) who have told me how they
had partially abandoned technology in their search for productivity and had
regressed back to using a pen and paper. Not just ANY paper mind you. The
infamous Moleskine. In certain geek circles, using a Moleskine is almost as de
rigeur as having a Mac notebook. Secretly I’ve always wanted to join their ranks
(on both counts, but for now we’ll discuss the moleskine) but I bravely fought
the urge because I wanted to force myself to develop a strategy for using
technology that worked.
Well, as listeners of The Productivity Show already know, I finally broke
last week and have abandoned technology as my primary productivity tool/s in
favour of a Moleskine…"

Cameron Reilly
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  1. There are some things that “caveman” technology is far better at. I love my Moleskines, and give a few out every year, in my quest to get my friends addicted to them as well. 😀

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