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When my roles as an art teacher and a mother allow me time I paint.  Years ago…..okay, decades….I was painting semi-abstract figures on huge canvases.  As my life became smaller I found that I needed a smaller, more portable canvas….viola – Moleskines!  I now draw and write in the precious little pockets of time I used to so flagrantly waste: waiting in line; during my child’s piano lessons; sitting in boring meetings; etc.. I can bear all kinds of things when I have a Moleskine and writing instrument.

I find myself deciding which garments to purchase based on if they possess a pocket large enough for a moleskine & pen.  Although I’ll draw with whatever’s at hand, my secret drawer full of multi-hued Microns, Ticonderogas & Flairs bely a latent snobbery. Ultimately it’s the day’s pocket that determines the drawing tool.  I think all Moleskines are beautiful enough to covet, but I don’t stock up.  I have to earn new Moleskines with completely filled ones. I prefer the 3.5 x 5.5 black "oilskin" cahiers with or without lines/grids. The paper covered ones worry me.

I use the little books to work out ideas for future paintings, sketch ideas from museums, take notes on color and more recently, make small collages.  I usually have a few cut magazine images tucked into the unused pages – just in case.  Working on tiny collages gives me a relatively simple way for my relatively simple mind to ponder on compositional applications of the golden mean.Last, but not least, when I travel I find that jotting down a map of only the streets & intersections I need each day is
a convenient way of finding my way home again.

Wendy Keith-Ott

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  1. Dear Wendy,

    I have a large watercolor of yours from the mid-1980’s, showing two women standing before a burning town that looks Italian. One woman is missing two fingers. Would love to know more about your career. –Beauchamp Carr, 404 733 4201, bc@woodruffcenter.org

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