Featured Artist: Nabel


It happened to me this April – a friend shared the “Creative license”
with me, another one encouraged to join an art class. They both lead me
to discover the simple truth – the result doesn’t matter, it’s all
about the process, about letting it go…

Since then I’ve gone through a number different sketchbooks and splurged on art supplies and paper (just as Danny urges!) 

My first conscious choice was a small Fabriano Artists Journal. It
added to my self-discovery – I loved the colored pages and tried
pencils, pens, markers, and even watercolors in it. I’ll definitely get
another Fabriano one day, but a much bigger one!

I’ve had my two Moleskines – plain notebook and a watercolor one – for
just about a month now. The plain one is great for my micron pen but if
I use pastel pencils I have to layer pages with Kleenex to protect the
drawing. I love sketching with watercolors in the plain book! I like
that the surface doesn’t absorb water well – the textures are amazing
and unpredictable!

The watercolor Moleskine is still too precious to me for everyday
stuff. I painted on the bus in it once, with a small Windsor and Newton
set and a Niji brush! Needless to say, inexperienced, I didn’t think
about drying time, so I did have to walk into the lobby of my serious
corporation with an open moleskine – wet, very lose, bright red flowers
on the page….

I am glad to have discovered that I am actually a right-brainer…. but I
am not sure I should have revealed it to my employer!… 🙂

View her works on FLICKR
Nbk48_1–  John Muir Laws
–  Blank Page #009

–  Hand-painted Monkey Notebooks

Today on Notebookism

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to Featured Artist: Nabel

  1. Luka says:

    Sure you should reveal that. 😉

    Innovation is an important asset!

  2. Apple-Pine says:

    well, I have to admit that this is it – I gave in and got one too 😉 Sketch one, larger version 🙂

    keep your sketchbooks updated – love to look – thanks for sharing!

    Slightly sleep deprived, truly yours 🙂

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