Making a Mountain out of a Moleskine

Moleskine notebooks require a bit more authorial commitment because their pages
aren’t perforated. But in this ADHD world, is more commitment really a bad
thing? Not for these shopcasters:

Iron Monkey uses them for journals. So
does eins, who has filled 4 Moleskine notebooks in a month and is well into
number 5: “Am completely addicted to the feel of the paper and the practice of
scribbling in it. There is just something inherently comforting, exciting and
inspirational about that blank creamy canvas that makes me want to write, shout,
draw, doodle. Lovely stuff.”

Moleskine works for work, says
heyrobertdavis, who uses them to capture, “the next great idea or just idle
thoughts. Perfect size, quality paper and a handy pocket.”
Tiburon finds the
pocket handy, too. It “gives me someplace to store the things I find along the
way,” he says. Come to think of it, I recall a friend using one as a wallet for
an extended period of time and being quite self-satisfied.