Personalizing your Moleskine’s cover

To personalise your Moleskine, you will need:   1. Your Moleskine(s)   2. Scalpel/craft knife/scissors   3. Clear-drying craft glue, brush for application (Important: The correct type of glue will be thick, white and peelable when dry)   4. Alphabet... Read More


Featured Artist: Sam Capps

I currently work mainly with watercolour, pencil or pen & ink, and, although I will accept the odd commission occasionally, I draw & paint entirely for pleasure. Strangely, my style in watercolour painting varies considerably from my pen & ink... Read More


Plain notebooks anyone?

"We are surrounded by myriad brands, flashing neon signs, billboards, labels on our heads, feet and bodies, and the objects we hold in our hands. But what happens when one man tries to live without them? I am addicted to... Read More


A Portugal Postcard

“The photo shows one of my present Moleskine journals upon one of my old blank books I used to make with my own hands when I was teenager. At the time I didn’t knew Moleskines yet but the spirit of... Read More


Cameron Reilly : moving to the moleskine

"Over the last couple of years I’ve been extremely rude to friends like Jeremy Wagstaff and Marc Orchant (to name only two) who have told me how they had partially abandoned technology in their search for productivity and had regressed... Read More


Notes Icons

By Pixelgraphics View on Moleskinerie/ FLICKRYou can find the Notizbuch Iconset at Manuela’s... Read More


A note is a reminder…

A note is a reminder. It can remind you of things long forgotten, it can capture moments of your memory, it can preserve feelings. Our minds are made this way. Our memory works like this. We generally tend to forget... Read More


Where is Basil?

Have you ever had a donkey stay at your house? No? Well now’s your lucky chance. Basil the Donkey (featured in the image to the right) is going on a grand adventure, hoping to travel the world. And he wants... Read More