Paris Sketches from Pierre Mosnier



Pierre wrote us to share his pen-and-ink renderings of the City of Lights:

"Je me sert du moleskine depuis 4 mois maintenant. C’est un peu devenu mon ami. C’est un bel objet qui invite à l’écriture, à la rature. Comme il est facilement transportable et que les idées viennent en marchant, c’est le premier à recevoir mon inspiration et mes humeurs. On pourrait le qualifier de "molestine". Heureusement il est solide le bougre !

Voici mon blog que j’essai de tenir à jour et qui présente certains travaux sur ce support. Comme je me suis promis de terminer mon carnet cette année, il y aura d’autres dessins.."

View more of his beautiful works at "Le blog de Pierre".
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4 Responses to Paris Sketches from Pierre Mosnier

  1. Billy says:

    Fantastic! Beautiful! Inspirational! That man can sketch!

  2. Billy says:

    How does he achieve those tonal differences? I don’t speak any French I’m afraid, but the pens he shows on his blog, alongside his Moleskine make me wonder how he gets the subtle greys.

  3. pierre says:

    Billy, thank you for your comment.

    I use the Ink Pentel to “sketch”. To obtain the Grey values I use the side of the pen quickly. It’s always à big moment of terror for me each time I start to make the greys, but I try. It’s the game…
    I’ve just discovered an other technic : Put the pen on your finger and then slide the finger on the paper. It’s something else as a rendering. Not so “artistic” as some specialists think, but it works



  4. That 2nd sketch is amazing.

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