Personalizing your Moleskine’s cover

To personalise your Moleskine, you will need:
1. Your Moleskine(s)
2. Scalpel/craft knife/scissors
3. Clear-drying craft glue, brush for application (Important: The correct
type of glue will be thick, white and peelable when dry)
4. Alphabet stencil (letter size optional)
5. Metallic marker (permanent) I like to use gold or silver
6. Roll/sheet of clear, self-adhesive backing (this serves as a wipe-clean
protective film for your image)
7. Image of your choice cut from a glossy magazine (I like to use a large
postage stamp size, but this is entirely up to the individual)

1. Cut out the image of your choice (glossy magazine is best for this as
the paper is usually nice and thin)
2. Cut out a piece of the clear, self-adhesive backing, slightly bigger
than the image itself and place said image, centred, onto the clear backing
(don’t forget to place the image face down, so that when it is flipped over the
image you want will be showing)
4. The self-adhesive properties of the clear backing are purely to hold the
image, and will not be sufficient to bond to the Moleskine’s cover, so apply the
clear-drying glue to the back of your image at this point, ensuring complete
5. Choose the placement for your icon/image and apply it to the Moleskine’s
6. Now take a pen or brush handle and use to force out any excess glue from
beneath the image – this will ensure a good, strong bonding to the cover. NB
Glue will ooze from the edges of the image and look very messy as it smears
across your Moleskine cover. DO NOT panic! This glue will not only dry clear,
but will peel satisfying away when dry.
7. Finally, take your alphabet
stencil, metallic pen and finish the look by writing your notebook’s


[Thanks Rik]

2 thoughts on “Personalizing your Moleskine’s cover

  1. You know what kind of glue works REALLY REALLY well on Moleskine covers??
    It’s a type of Mod-Podge. It’s called “Outdoor Mod Podge”. But its water-proof, permanent, and very strong.
    It holds up really well, too.


  2. hi, i’d like to know what kind of glue you used? as in specifically, like a brand name etc 🙂 i live in singapore, might be hard to find it

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