The Value of Journaling

"Writing stimulates creativity. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I’ll come up
with a silly sentence and write it in my journal. If I let myself relax, I can
often elaborate on that sentence for a few paragraphs. It clears my mind and
often I can go back to sleep after writing for a few minutes.
You are your best historian. I have two baby books, one for each child. The
firstborn’s book has a few items in it, but my poor second born’s book is
pathetically blank. The idea of digging out that book everytime something
happened was more than this mom could bear. I did, however, chronicle many
milestones in my journals. Even better, I wrote down some of the funniest things
that happened to us during those baby days! When I look at my journals from that
time, I am reminded of events I had forgotten and enjoy reliving them all over
again. I would have never written about such minute things in a baby book. For
example, when my son was three he ran in the house one day breathless and
completely lit up and told me, "Mommy! I just raced the wind….and I WON!" Or
the day my daughter, at 4 years old, took her turn on stage after the other
children sang songs like "I’m a Little Teapot." At the top of her lungs and with
all the "hand commotions" (That’s what she called them. Isn’t that precious?!)
she belted out, "OOOOOOKlahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!"
She sang the whole song to a crowd of confused kids and slack-jawed moms. What a

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