Where is Basil?


Have you ever had a donkey stay at your house? No? Well now’s your lucky
chance. Basil the Donkey (featured in the image to the right) is going on a
grand adventure, hoping to travel the world. And he wants to visit you!

When Basil visits he brings another Basil with him…Basil Fawlty (played
by John Cleese) in the hysterical 70’s sitcom Fawlty Towers. Basil doesn’t go
anywhere without Basil, so when he visits he’ll have the Fawlty Towers DVD
Collection with him as well.

Basil can only stay for 1 week though, after that you have to send him
packing to meet new people. Who will he visit next? Whoever is next on the list…

Where is Basil?

One thought on “Where is Basil?

  1. Hello!

    Thanks for the link it’s appreciated! You’ve got a great project here…you beat me to the punch of promoting Moleskinerie!

    I hope everyone enjoys the humor and fun of Where Is Basil…plus we do build a great community and learn something about new places.

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