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Happy Halloween!

^-^HalloweenM^-^ By Lorretine @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved————————————————————-–  The Dove’s Blood Ink –  Words of the Day –  How to do Gravestone Rubbings Today on Notebookism

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Ghost Stories

In the back yardthe heavy frost liesexactly in the shape ofthe shadow of the house,minute by minute disappearingas the earth spins.Who would live in such afrosted house of shadows?Ghosts turned silver with age.They come and go withthe rising of the … Continue reading

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What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

Find out your fate @ Quizilla Then there’s the "Dancing Skeleton" [Thanks JC]

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Jen Down Under

Jen Leo is back from her adventures down under: "I made it back safely to the U.S.. Qantas is a great airline. Even in coach class, I had my own TV screen, could select my own movie to watch, they … Continue reading

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Tag Cloud on Moleskine Pocket

By Taiyofj @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR © All rights reserved

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Sighting: “NUMB3RS”

via Girl with a Pearl NUMB3RS on CBS………………………… "Another Moleskine movie sighting! I saw a preview screening of Will Farrell’s new movie, "Stranger Than Fiction." this past Thursday, and I believe Will’s character (he’s an IRS auditor) uses a moleskine … Continue reading

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Moleskine City Notebook Madrid

I’m a big Moleskine fan ad I bought the Moleskine City Notebook of Madrid. I shot some photo and posted on FLICKR I also have a webcomic, "Due Cuori e una Gatta" – (in Italian only) and the drawings are … Continue reading

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Tempest in a Notebook: Moleskines in China

"My appreciation of these notebooks has always been placed first and foremost on the quality of the product, and I have never been personally attached to the Moleskine Marketing Mojo.  They could be printed and bound on the moon for … Continue reading

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AFK*: Bonsai Silhouettes

Bonsai Silhouettes Chicago Botanic GardenGlencoe, Illinois © ABF 2006. All Rights Reserved. *Away From Keyboard An acronym used in online chat, e-mail, and newsgroup postings. Also the name for this section of photos from weekend trips, meetups, safaris and other … Continue reading

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Getting reacquainted with pen and paper

"Hellacious handwriting led me to relinquish pen and paper in favor of the Apple IIgs in sixth grade. I recently switched back however; instead of writing on my iBook I now use a Moleskine large ruled notebook and Fisher Chrome … Continue reading

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