Getting reacquainted with pen and paper

"Hellacious handwriting led me to relinquish pen and paper in favor of the Apple IIgs in sixth grade. I recently switched back however; instead of writing on my iBook I now use a Moleskine large ruled notebook and Fisher Chrome Bullet Space Pen.

When writing by hand my brain is ahead of my pen. Hence I have time to rethink my words before they go onto the paper. Too often when I type I rewrite each sentence just after hitting the period key. That approach makes typing take longer than writing by hand, as every sentence I type gets rewritten at least once. I know I should separate the acts of writing and editing, but I find it too hard to do when I am using my iBook, possibly because the quality of my writing is not as good, possibly because I feel the need to correct typos immediately, possibly because the keyboard makes it too easy to edit. Consequently, using pen and paper facilitates getting into the flow of writing…"

Zach Everson
Visit his blog.

Also taking the paper trail, Tyler Lizenby, currently a double major in writing and journalism at IndianaPeoplesidewalk_2

"As a creative writing exercise I go and write at least one fictional
confession from a fictional character

daily. Sometimes more than one.
Lately I’ve taken to lifting these little bits out of my notebook and
posting them on a website. The idea is to just see what you’re your
imagination can come up with. To just grab a sentance and run with it.
See where it takes you. Sometimes you think of very sad or disturbing
things. Sometimes you think of things that are kind of happy. Sometimes
not so. It’s a great way to do some imagination push-ups."

Visit his blog, "The Things We Think but Do Not Say."

2 thoughts on “Getting reacquainted with pen and paper

  1. I’ve been writing out poems that I like into my notebook, which gives me a chance to extend reading it aloud. And then I’ve posted a couple on my blog. It’s so I have another way of seeing the same poem.

  2. I just now realized that I violated internet death sentence rule #4: It’s “Your” not “You’re”

    I expect the internet wardens to be round any second to gas me.

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