“Hello, my name is Londonist and I am a Moleskine addict.”


"Seriously, we love these little critters. The paper, the little
pockets at the back, the little history leaflet you get with everyone
one. Jesus, even the nifty eleastic bit that keeps it closed in our
bag. We just can’t get enough.

Which is why we are currently salivating over the new city notebooks. Described as"A
special guidebook…ideal for those who travel, whether to see the
sights or work, as a way or organizing your trip and preserve it for
your memory and your records."

This means you get all the usual Moleskine goodness plus (gasp)
colour pages, maps, tabs and translucent sticky sheets. This, make no
mistake about it, is stationery porn…"

Rob @ Londonist


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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