Jen Down Under




Jen Leo is back from her adventures down under:

"I made it back safely to the U.S.. Qantas is a great airline. Even in coach class, I had my own TV screen, could select my own movie to watch, they gave us eye shades and toothpaste, and we got free beer and wine. The 15 hours flew by…"

Visit her blog, Jen Leo Live!

Nbk48_1– DIY Notepads by Dwayne Lively
– Retractable Ball Point Syringe 

– Ballera Kanceleja

Today on Notebookism


Greetings to our friends in Goittzeiro, Lady Lake, FL., Bicknacre, Walldorf, Zumikon, Riga, Suwon, Velden, Mimico, Morimondo, Ankara, Costa Rica, Ivry-sur-Seine, San Miguel De Allende, Ramat HaSharon, Takatsu-ku, Cheung Sha Wan, Quertaro, Cairo, Bandung, Zaragoza, Saint John’s, Plac, Sesvete, Dharavi, Naugatuck, CT., Ha Noi, Huhtariihi, Bulleen, Johannesburg and Gibraltar.

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One Response to Jen Down Under

  1. Bob Strutton says:

    Looks like Jen has a longer right leg than left one, judging by the sloping pictures anyway 😉


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