Lost Sighting



Anyone else spot that?

Moleskine on "Lost"
Photo by Laserone @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
© 2006
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[First reported by Matthew Johnson]

6 thoughts on “Lost Sighting

  1. i just watched it last night (downloaded from iTunes) and yes i totally spotted it, too!
    my bf and i were going…’ohhhhhh!!!! Moleskine!…but, he’s holding it upside down? or maybe it makes more sense to use the elastic band to hold the used pages like that?’
    it was great seeing it 😀

  2. Yeah. There was an earlier scene in that same show where Claire is journaling in a Moleskine cahier on the beach (if not a regular softback moleskine) as well, I believe. Rewind a little from that scene of the reporter and you’ll find it.

  3. Heh, not only did I notice it, but I turned to my friend who was watching with me and said “Oh, that’s going up on Moleskinerie.com!”

    She just rolled her eyes at that. I’m afraid she doesn’t understand my obsession.

  4. Yeah, I saw it too while I was watching the show. I wonder if the guy uses it the “right” way, then turns it around to write on the other side of the pages? I have large reporter I use for meeting notes and that’s the idea I have to use the other side of the pages.

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