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I thought I could do it without asking for help this year but it has come to a point where I really need your assistance. As you may already know, is a personal project
and essentially a one-man operation (with help from Joy Rothke and our other friends). With traffic averaging 17,000/
week from
notebook aficionados all over the world what used to be a hobby now
takes a practically all  of my personal time. Beside website
maintenance, responding to email, press queries and community housekeeping (on FLICKR and GoogleGroups) has become part of my daily routine.

With a modest budget I need your support to keep Moleskinerie

I have made available a limited number of slots for "Benefactor" links (left side).
As a Benefactor, your name (and link to your website) will be displayed for 6 months.

To join this list email me for details.

Donations in any amount are welcome. You may use PayPal. [Please note that there is a minimal transaction fee that PayPal calls "Shipping and Handling"]


(Kindly indicate if you wish to remain anonymous. Send us your website URL if you prefer to be linked)

Thanks for making the premier fansite for
these legendary notebooks.

Help keep us eclectic and free!

Armand B. Frasco


– Gray Miller, Satori Media
– Kelly Allred, New Mexico
João Pedro Craveiro, Portugal
– Kirk Edelman, New Jersey
– Andrea Graham, Idaho
Jonathan Caroll, Vienna, Austria
Lorianne DiSabato, New Hampshire
– Jan Erik Mostrom, Sweden
Mike Rohde, Wisconsin
– Alice Desturler, Virginia
– Margaret Allen, New York
Loretta B. Marvel, New York
– Pam Beard, VA
– Stephen Pierzchala, Marlborough, MA.
– Kim T, Ontario, Canada
– Faith McLellan, NY
– Keiko Yoshimi, Torrance, California
Fazal Majid, San Francisco, California
Neal Dench, United Kingdom
– Seth McEvoy, Redmond, Washington
– Mark Simpson, Cambridge, MA
Jeff Abbott, Austin, Texas
– Danny Vinson, Newport, VA.
– Anonymous, PA
– J. Johnson, MN.
– Alex Wichman, Los Angeles, CA
– Emma Hibling, Exeter, Devon, UK
Mike Shea, Vienna, VA
– Richard Jack, Eldorado, IL.
Lise, South Victoria, Australia
Leslie Russell, Arlington, TX
– Heidi Byerly, Burke, VA
– Shawneque
Miller, Manassas, VA
– Anonymous, London, UK
– Arnold Lavier, France
– Richard George, Lakewood, CO
– Sutton Stokes, Baltimore, MD
Gary Varner, Findlay, OH
– Mark Everett, Grapevine, TX
– Muhtadi Mahsun, Selangor, Malaysia
Sandy Shum, Thailand
– Jonathan Richstein, Alexandria, VA
Michael Leddy. Illinois
– Beverly Porter, Brookline, MA.
Heather Clitheroe, Calgary, Canada
– Anna Holloway, Hayes, VA.
– Paul Biba, Bernardsville, NJ
– James H Lauffer, Johnstown, PA
– J Zarbo, Winchester, VA
– Charles Gordon, Toronto, Canada
John Gamber, Baltimore, MD.
Robyn Smith, North Ryde, NSW, Australia
– Amy Hewitt, San Diego, CA.
– Alan Pryce, Herefordshire, UK
– Chris Campbell, Nova Scotia, Canada
– Tina Chaulk, Canada
Jane LaFazio, San Diego, CA.
Venantius J. Pinto, New York, NY


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I haven’t really taken a break since last year so allow me to take this week off while we contemplate this blog’s future. I’ll be back  on Monday. In the meantime, consider donating to There’s plenty of space left above! 🙂

– A

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Here are a few of the touching emails I’ve received. Thanks again.

"Dude! As
soon (and I mean first thing in the a.m.) as I get some more
bread on my
Paypal card it is yours. I love the site!"
"I don’t have much to give right now, but I feel I owe the site my
"I feel extremely fortunate with my life now.  But it was a long journey of
many lessons and wrong turns.  I hate to think of how long I was on the wrong
path, I was an engineer– good career but really not a good fit for me.  After I
finally climbed out of that, there were other stumbles until I finally started
asking myself the right questions, and listening.

"Thanks for all you do
there…sometimes it can be quite isolating here…. but through your blogs,
I"ve linked to so many fascinating worlds that I otherwise would have known
nothing about.  I also love the discussions, though I don’t participate, I enjoy
reading others’ conversations and feeling part of the community.  Your blogs are
very enriching for me."

"I am nobody you know. I donated to keep your website going."

" I would love to have paid more but we’ve had a real tough year…whilst I’m not in moleskinerie every day I love the
site and what you’ve done with an open heart!"

9 thoughts on “Moleskinerie needs your support

  1. My pleasure, Armand. I really enjoy visiting this site. You have done a wonderful job. Please contact me if I can be of service in any other way.

  2. I visit your site every day and enjoy it a great deal. I happen to be unemployed at the moment but as soon as I get some money I will see if I can fire some your way

  3. Moleskinerie is one of the very few sites I check almost daily. I enjoy seeing other people’s journals and often find interesting links. Let us know what else you need.

    Greetings from Blacksburg!

  4. I live and love your site Armand

    Keep going and maybe one day you can hire an employee so that you can have some free time.
    I will expedite a contribution for you to continue on your outstanding work.
    This is the best Moleskine site I have seen 🙂


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