Notes to Myself



"I’ve used every sort of journal-book over the past decade, but the one
I’ve returned to the most was the pocket-sized, drawing Moleskine. The paper is
a little odd; it has a water resistant treatment designed, I guess, to make
one’s page hardier in the field (I imagine them being tested in Amazon jungles
and blustery Scottish heaths) which became quite frustrating when I first got
into watercolors. I also got fed up with the size (3.5 x 5.5") and wanted to do
bigger and bigger drawings.

When I went to Amsterdam, I decided to bring a long a little Moleskine,
though this time I used the new watercolor book…"

Danny Gregory
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Nbk48_1– Trav•e•logue Series Journal Review      
– Drawing on the Wrong Side of the Brain      
– Inspiration: Tycho

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