Moleskinerie needs your support

I thought I could do it without asking for help this year but it has come to a point where I really need your assistance. As you may already know, is a personal project and essentially a one-man operation... Read More


U.S. and Canada CITY NOTEBOOKS Intro Stores

Here’s a list of participating stores in the introduction of the Moleskine City Notebooks to the U.S. and Canada. The books will be shipped by the end of October and will probably be available in stores November 1st. U.S. PAGE... Read More


How To: Cultivate That Killer Idea

"Coming up with a killer idea is no easy feat. I’m talking about that perfect idea that makes you consider dropping out of school or quitting your job to pursue it; something that could have a huge impact on a... Read More


Wien Guide

Swiv just got her new Moleskine City Guide for Vienna. "Wien City Guide"@ Moleskinerie/FLICKR Some rights... Read More


Visual Journaling

Visual journaling has existed throughout history as a process of reflective thinking, and as a record of image making. Throughout history great thinkers recorded and reflected on their ideas using a variety of visual journaling techniques. From Thomas Edison’s light... Read More



"I sometimes go nuts looking for stuff in my notebook from months past…When is Google going to introduce “Google Notebook?” – John FedericoBrandBrains LINK………………………………………………………. –  His Say: Fishcracker      –  Handwriting Analysis Anyone?     –  The world’s thinnest pen? Today... Read More


Matsuo Basho’s travel diary

"My friends stood in a line and waved good-bye as long as they could see my back." "It was early on the morning of March the twenty-seventh that I took to the road. There was darkness lingering in the sky,... Read More


Adam’s Movie Script: Prologue

"While lying in my bed late one night I began to grow restless with the neverending battle of forcing sleep. Sitting there thinking about my random acts throughout the day, I got a strange picture or some may call it... Read More


New York Sketches by Tim Baynes

OK, so London is good for shopping and less than one hour by train from the house.   However it is more exciting to go to New York and takes only seven hours longer. This summer I took Megan and... Read More