PDA 24/7’s Shaun McGill Goes Back to Paper

"It was nearly 5 months ago I gave up my Palm PDA for a custom Moleskine planner, and shared the experience and my approach on this blog.

shauns-moleskine.jpgSo, it was a nice surprise to hear from my friend Davy McDonald, that PDA 24/7 founderShaun McGill
just traded his PDA for a paper planner. Shaun embarked on a week-long
experiment using only a paper calendar and a mobile phone, while
intentionally avoiding his PDA.

It all began with he post The pen is mightier than the stylus, where Shaun shared his move from a Nokia E61 to a Moleskine planner for his calendar:

Over the past two years I have at times suffered from
stress which is not due to work or family and it is still something I
have not worked out but I am 100% convinced that my obsessive reliance
on PDAs is a part of the problem. It is not the devices issue, it is
mine but a longing to carry so much data and have every appointment and
task noted and alarmed has not been healthy for me…"

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