Quick Sketch Tutorials


"Hello sketchers,

I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to do sketches quickly and so
far I have not found what I was looking for so I thought I would turn
to my notebook friends for some suggestions. Pencil, pen or whatever; I
am looking for the technique."

equusignis says:
"i tutor drawing and sometimes for beginners i recommend a book called
‘drawing on the right side of the brain’ by betty edwards. she has a new edition
out that is a workbook. i have not used that one in particular but it is
probably worth a look. the book is useful because often our inability to draw
something as is is not in the hand but in the way our brain perceives and
interprets what we see. if you can understand and break through that barrier,
your drawing will be more natural and the process of learning is less
in contrary to popular belief, drawing really is an acquired skill that can
be honed. some people just have a more of a head start than others."
lindarfis says:
"The problem with the books listed is that they tend to be theoretical, the
type of sketching he’s asking about is specific. I know a lot of really good
illustrators that can’t knock out a fast sketch. They have to sit down and do a
"drawing". Big difference between the two. Fast sketch, vis com, rapid viz,
whatever you want to call it is a different animal. I’m going to send him some
links (when I find them) but a lot of the info is not up anymore. So I think
I’ll also scan some info from some really good hard to find books I have. When I
do I think I’ll create a little PDF that anyone who wants it can have. Fast
sketch skills are the number one thing I have found that keeps me valuble to
clients. Great rendering skills are great but you do a hundred sketches before
you get to that rendering."

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