Scrybe for your Moleskine


We recently got an email from Shehryar Hydri. co-founder of Scrybe:

"I wanted to share something that might interest you…I assure you that it’s like nothing you’ve seen before!

We’ve developed a ground breaking online organizer called Scrybe,
with features unmatched by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. No other web app
has ever been able to give offline access from within your browser without
installing anything. We’ve done that and more (handy foldable printouts,
intuitive time zones, power lists etc)…"


Although online organizers are a crowded space, existing companies have
not brought anything new to the table.  Scrybe is not an incremental
improvement but a whole paradigm shift in the design of online organizers.

Simple solutions for some age old problems:

– Seamless offline access – without any installations
– Rich and fast like a desktop
– Intuitive zoomable calendar views
– Organize your thoughts with bookmarks, web snippets, images and files.
– To-do lists integrated with your calendar
– Share and collaborate with friends and co-workers
– Elegant, compact and handy print formats
– Easily work across multiple timezones
– Import and export from other apps easily. Your data is yours!

Photographer Neil Ford says: "…the coolest feature is the way it can print out in formats that can be
easily folded up and tucked in your wallet or Moleskine, very Hipster PDA.."

A short teaser video is at
You can also view the interface screenshots and printouts at