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Who better to review the new Moleskine CityNotebook than The Londonist’s Rob Hinchcliffe:

"I am a stationery geek. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve bought notebooks and pens etc just because they I thought they looked ‘cool’, even though I had a pile of pile of very similar and completely unused (sometimes still in their packaging) items sat at home in a drawer somewhere.

That confession out of the way, I should also explain that, for stationery geeks the world over, Moleskine are the notebook kings. I’m not going to go into a huge monologue about exactly why everyone loves these little black books, that’s already been done, suffice to say, they are the greatest and everyone should own one… or two… or half-a-dozen (ok, I have a problem, I admit it).

As well as being a stationery geek, I’m also a long-term London geek, so when I heard that Moleskine were preparing to bring out a series of City notebooks I got pretty excited about what they’d do with that concept.

I bought my Moleskine London Notebook in Blackwells a few days ago (£12) and I haven’t been disappointed. This is a great product…"

More at his blog
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  1. heatseekers says:

    Your link to Rob’s blog isn’t working, unfortunately.

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