Tommy Kane on Design Inspiration


"In my mind, I decided to be an illustrator at three years old. I  had no interest in design. After graduating from art school in Buffalo, I was hired to be an illustrator for The Buffalo Evening News. But my dream was to work and live in Manhattan. Soon after I moved to New York  City, I realized it would be very difficult living here because you need  lots of dough just to survive. The pivotal moment in my life was getting  hired my first day in New York by an advertising agency. My job was to do  magic marker drawings all day so the art directors could show their ideas  to the clients. I realized there was more money in the art directing thing  than illustrating so I gradually abandoned my dream of being a full time  illustrator. After 25 years as a creative director, I am finally going to  try to pursue being a full time illustrator. I’m giving myself the gift of  a second pivotal moment in my life…."

Tommy Kane
Interview: Design Inspiration