Featured Artist: Bob Breidholt

My name is Bob Breidholt and I’m from Reykjavik, Iceland. I like to smell new sketchbooks, sharpen my Koh-I-Noor pencils and refill my Rapidograph. I also like to refill my pencils, smell my Rapidograph and sharpen my sketchbooks. I use... Read More


Red Moleskine on sale at emo+ Online

For those in the area: 早就听说emo+有那种红色Moleskine出售,但在它的网店上一直看不到。不过今天过去时发现,emo+关于Moleskine的主题商品网页作 了全新升级,在原有的基础上增加了日记本和随写本。原来只能看到5种经典系列以及Reporter和梵高系列,这次的改版可算是一次大规模的补充。3种随 写本全面上线,而4种日记本中尤其包含了一直备受瞩目的红色Moleskine。无缘北京和上海的朋友又多了一条便利的购买渠道,可喜可贺!不过在这里还 是建议emo+引进Moleskine Japanese Album,相信一定会很受欢迎的! via... Read More


Featured Artist: andy gilmore

Working in color has been a recent development in mydrawings–its advent being roughly the same time as that of myrelationship to Moleskine. Moleskine’s yellow hue projects applied color in amanner that has accelerated my understanding of how torender a color... Read More


Hell Money

In China, the word Hell doesn’t carry the same negative connotation as western Hell. The popular story has it that zealous Christian missionaries warned all non-Christian Chinese they’d "go to Hell" upon death. True or not, it sounds plausible. In... Read More


The Notebooks of Helena Monteiro

I lost my time in all the lines I haven’t done I’ve the photos– too pure and motionless – from my feelings no even the errorsneither from the regard the pleasures. In what concerns Moleskines I love them for my... Read More


Mike Sheehan’s Commute Sketchbook

"I just finished another commute sketchbook.All done in a fold out Japanese Moleskine on the train and bus. I’m on the third, will probably be done in another week or so.Kinda addicted to it at this point." Mike SheehanView his... Read More


Sighting: “Soilwork” Video

"I was on YouTube watching a video by a band called "Soilwork".  The song iscalled "Nerve".  Amazing metal band.  A scene in the video shows the mainactor writing notes on a large ruled Moleskine." Joe Video... Read More


The Internet Monk Recommends

"My regular Moleskine is large lined journal. I use this for the most necessary things in my life. I write all my sermon outlines in that Moleskine and take it with me into the pulpit. I write lesson plans and... Read More