A Thing Of Beauty


"One of the most peaceful times in my life is when I take the time to sit down with my Moleskine journal, G2 pen and a Chai tea latte. My soul is restored as I dream out loud on it’s acid free pages…as long as I can dream there is hope.  A empty page is a thing of beauty, so much promise some much unrestrained hope…grasp the mighty pen firmly and seize the moment, give breathe to something sublime and yet so real."


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Image: "diary with coffee" by Alun Mills
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One thought on “A Thing Of Beauty

  1. I think we could put together an entire show of artworks using nothing but the subjects of coffee, Moleskines and pens. My own personal version of this photo is linked to my name at the bottom of this comment.

    There seems to be something so perfect about the juxtaposition of these 3 items that it just attracts the camera or the sketchbook. –Douglas

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