Featured Artist: Marta Curry



I began recording the world at the
age of seven with my Russian LOMO camera, taking pictures of my feet,
my dog, the neighborhood, the frequent political protests, grafitti…
Mostly my feet.  In time, I was writing stories about each of the
pictures. Then there was sketching. And writing stories about the
sketches. I received my first Moleskine as a gift five or six years
ago. It arrived just in time to preserve my new scanner: the platen
glass of the old one was scratched, from the spines of wire-bound

I am not a professional illustrator,
which is another way of saying that less than five percent of my income
comes from my artwork. In real life I work for Black and Write, which
is a division of Modo e Modo, publisher of Moleskine notebooks. I enjoy
doodling with ink, and flickr is the optimal outlet for that sort of
activity: low key and undemanding, not really a blog but more than just
a photo album.

Marta Curry
View her sketches and photos @ FLICKR

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