Moleskine in Mantova


Coffee and Moleskine in Mantova

Nicoletta Tavella
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Nbk48_1–  Blank Page # 018
–  Letter written on toilet paper   

–  My Museum Journal

Today on Notebookism

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2 Responses to Moleskine in Mantova

  1. Bob Strutton says:

    How lucky you are to be able to sip coffee in Mantova, I have visited many times on business, to a small company in Goito. I particularly enjoyed the Tazio Nouvolari museum as he is one of my heroes of motor racing.


  2. Nicoletta says:

    Hi Bob, I love Mantova, and I love the fact that I have friends who live there. 😉
    And the Mantuan cuisine is simply amazing… Try the caffetteria La Ducale next time you’re there. Their coffee is amazing too. Ciao from Amsterdam 🙂

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