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"I decided on a Uni-ball Signo 207. Unfortunately, I bought a .7mm tip and I think I should have gotten the .5mm. The line is just too thick for me. It’s wonderful (a really great pen) in my normal writing books (regular old 24.1cm x 15.2 cm spiral notebooks) but in the small notebook, with the nice paper, I want a finer line that can’t smudge as easily. So, I thought about it and read some more discussions. I considered just going to a ballpoint and using a nice Zebra F-301 I really like, or even a pencil, but decided I really wanted to try the Pilot G-Tec-C4. So, I went out to buy one and while at Staples, I found something else interesting. It was a Zebra F-301 Compact, a F-301 which can be compacted into a very small pen (important when you want to carry your moleskine and pen in a small purse). I bought the Pilot and the Zebra and like them both very much. The G-Tec has a .2mm point, but is still smooth on the page. For now, I think I will try out both of them for a while and also try to get a finer point Signo. (I am just picturing my non-pen-crazy friends reading this and rolling their eyes–if they made it this far.)…"

Tina Chaulk
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Photo by urbaneve @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
Moscow, Russia
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2 Responses to Moleskine Love

  1. leslie says:

    O I found the compact Zebra 301 too and I like it a lot! Not as much as my space pen, but it writes a very smooth and thin lie, it’s comfortable for writing too. I found it a tad light for my taste. And then I washed and dried it, tthe good ting is that it come in a 2 pack!

  2. Shawn says:

    Quick trip to Staples and I found this little guy. The Zebra F-301 made my day. Sad as it is. Great compact pen.

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