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The 2006 Moleskinerie & Notebookism Holiday Giveaways

Welcome to the 2006 Holiday Giveaways. To thank you for another successful year and have joined with Ken Knight, Kikkerland Designs, Inc. and Pilot Pen to share samples of their fine products to our readers through a series … Continue reading

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Arbolensis Moleskines

"after planting an old moleskine in early spring followed by the hot summer, this years crop turned out to be plentiful and colorful. " By miheco @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR Some rights reserved.   ————————————————————-–  Holiday Giveaway–  eBay Item: Huge Lot of … Continue reading

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Making your own milagros

Jane LaFazio View her artworks on FLICKRVisit her website, Plain Jane Studio. Related link: Make your own ‘milagro" shrine © 2006 JL. All Rights Reserved

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Thanks Leslie Herger

We just received some leather pen clips made by Leslie Herger in response to our recent fund raising appeal. We’ll make sure these fall into deserving hands:) Visit Leslie’s website, "Comfortable Shoes Studio" Previous mentionHelp Moleskinerie Post. Thanks to Tina … Continue reading

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DETOUR Artist Profile: Antoine Cossé

Antoine Cossé notebook at Stanford’s. Antoine Cossé is a French illustrator living in London. He graduated in illustration from the Camberwell College of Arts in 2006. He is interested in the absurd and the unexpected in our day-to-day lives. Every … Continue reading

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this black bookspeaks in portraits of shadows,vagrant loverspassing through You are thebinding at theboundary of stained pages and I am spilling Ray @ LJVisit "The Ink Pool" © 2006 The Author Image: "Words and expressions" by noplaceorakittenMoleskinerie/FLICKR © All rights … Continue reading

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Pilot Ageless Collection and G2 Mini

And now, a word from our donor:) The Ageless Collection Boasts a Hip, New Double-Twist Design New for 2006, introducing the Ageless Collection from Pilot; two lines of distinguished writing instruments, each an impressive example of quality and performance at … Continue reading

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“The Cult of Moleskine”

“I think record taking and journalism encourages people to document their lives,” he says. “Now people are making scrapbooks, collecting various stuff and gluing it into their Moleskines, tickets and stuff. My basic motivation is to encourage people to document … Continue reading

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Savvy Travelers

"Tired of lugging around those clunky, fact-packed travel guides that practically scream, "Look at me! I’m a tourist"? For the discreet visitor who prefers to blend in, there’s a new breed of small, specialized and often offbeat urban guides designed … Continue reading

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Book Cut

Book Cut. Dr. Hannibal Lecter would have been so amused at the deft knife work. 🙂  LINK [via JC]………………………………………………………………… –   Featured Artist: Ellis Nadler  –  An Astronaut’s Notebook             –   Calligrapher’s Bible Today on Notebookism

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