Pilot Ageless Collection and G2 Mini

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The Ageless Collection Boasts a Hip, New Double-Twist Design

New for 2006, introducing the Ageless Collection from Pilot; two lines of distinguished writing instruments, each an impressive example of quality and performance at an affordable price. The Present Series features a resin barrel in lime, green, mauve, blue and white. The Future Series is accented with a metal barrel in silver, orange, red and purple.  Unlike any other pen, the Ageless Collection has a patented double-twist tip so that the pen’s entire nose and tip retract fully into the body of the pen, resulting in a clean, polished look. The Ageless Collection’s smooth ink flows effortlessly and the wide gripping area provides superior comfort and control. There’s an attractive metal clip that allows the pens to be carried just about anywhere. Each pen comes creatively packaged in a futuristic looking white tube. All Ageless Collection pens are refillable.

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The G2 Mini – America’s #1 Gel Pen Goes Mini!

More than an inch shorter than the popular G2, Pilot’s new G2 Mini fits conveniently into purses, date books and backpacks. It’s a small pen with a powerful impact, featuring acid free, archival safe, check-safe gel ink that is water resistant and smear-proof. G2 Mini comes in eight funky colors and has a contoured rubber grip and a fine point for super smooth writing.

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[The Pilot Pen Company has donated products to our holiday giveaway promo. Thanks to Christina and Fanny!]

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One Response to Pilot Ageless Collection and G2 Mini

  1. Chip Currin says:

    Does anyone have a clue where you can purchase a Pilot Agless other than online. Is this Pilot pen and exclusive web order pen only. Nashville, TN has nothing!

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