Inspiration: Space


"In the 60’s, space exploration was an American obsession. But the
growing reality of space has turned the romance to cynicism. We chart
the path from then to now. We begin with Ann Druyan, widow of Carl
Sagan, with a story about the Voyager expedition, true love, and golden
record that travels through space. For a dose of reality,
astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson explains the Coepernican Principle
and just how insignificant we are…

Star gazing, it’s hard not to feel small…and lonely. Maybe that’s why
it’s so irresistible to look out into all that darkness and see our own
reflection staring us back, like Narcissus gazing into the pool…"

Radio Lab
"Space" Episode
Originally aired 5.12.06


Image: "Pinwheel Galaxy" Hubble Telescope

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