Savvy Travelers


"Tired of lugging around those clunky, fact-packed travel guides that practically scream, "Look at me! I’m a tourist"? For the discreet visitor who prefers to blend in, there’s a new breed of small, specialized and often offbeat urban guides designed to show you how to shop, eat and look like a hip native.


The Moleskine City Notebooks put a do-it-yourself twist on trip planning. The sleek travel diaries cover detailed street and transit maps with translucent overlays that make it easy to plan and trace your path. The rest of the book is blank so you can fill it with your memories….


If you are looking for a monument, an art museum or the best route to the airport, you are out of luck with the guides. But if you absolutely must find the best cowboy boots in Austin, Texas, a bait-and-tackle shop with high-design sensibilities in Providence, R.I., a Persian ice cream parlor in Hollywood or Japanese tapas in Brooklyn, N.Y., these compact urban guides may be for you. Each volume focuses on 90 locally owned shops or restaurants in cities from Portland, Ore., to Paris…"

Savvy Travelers


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  1. There should definitely be a City book for Providence. It’s probably the only place on the planet where the idea of a “a bait-and-tackle shop with high-design sensibilities” actually makes sense.

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